London Reception Academy

What makes us unique from other reception training courses?

Our Committed Approach to Training

We are hugely passionate and dedicated to our training and coaching.  It must be thoroughly engaging and it is important to us that you have a rewarding experience.

Our training has been designed to cover all aspects of the reception role including customer service. It can be a truly rewarding position holding great responsibility, respect and prestige.  It may also enhance your career prospects leading to other exciting roles within the workplace.

Junior Receptionists can earn anything from £21,000 upwards per annum particularly in Central London.  Someone with good experience can command in the region of £25-30,000 per annum depending on who you work for.  Executive Receptionists can even command salaries in the region of £40,000+  in the City of London  with added perks too!

Top companies from across all sectors are happy to invest in the right person to be their receptionist, so it is important to take your first step by investing in yourself to learn the role of a receptionist. We work alongside you to ensure you acquire the right skills which are transferable to almost every role in your career.

An Added Benefit to our Training

It is simply not enough to show you how to become the ultimate receptionist. We feel it is essential to provide the much-needed support to build confidence in finding suitable work in this field.

With nearly twenty year’s experience of recruiting receptionists and customer service staff, we offer valuable expertise in preparing you for prospective interviews. 

As a part of our course, we show you how to create a professional CV so that you stand out from the competition.  We help you prepare prior to an interview and show you how to conduct yourself during the process. We are also happy to provide a reference to any prospective employer.

All we ask is that you commit yourself to put into practice all you have learnt for your new receptionist role in waiting.

We believe it is our duty to offer you an all encompassing experience whilst you train with us to ensure success on many levels. 

Contact us to find out how to invest in yourself and make your next career move.