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“Voice Inflection” – Virtual Training Segment

Professional Receptionist Course

Module 1 - The Role of the Receptionist

This will break down the role of the receptionist from what is required to the various duties one will undertake.  Your training will help you understand what will be expected of you on a day-to-day basis in terms of responsibilities and tasks.  We will guide you carefully on the qualities required, in order for a professionally trained receptionist requires to stand out.

Module 2 - Deportment and Appearance

As well as learning the mind-set of a professional receptionist, you will need to meet another requirement of presenting yourself immaculately when based at front-line reception. This part of the course will look closely at how a receptionist should appear and the way they carry themselves. Presentation is everything to give that lasting impression to everyone you interact with.

Module 3 - Speech and Expression

Here is where we will look at a variety of important topics such as grammar, elocution, voice inflection, breathing and the tone and pitch of your voice.  Mastering speech and expression will ensure you are grasping the very basics in reception or customer services. The training combines useful exercises enabling you to develop these key skills.

Module 4 - Customer Service & Conduct

Customer Service and Conduct will cover your overall professionalism, prioritising your tasks, greeting clients, message taking, handling a busy switchboard and answering the phone correctly. Although these are important aspects of the role, the training course will take you through step by step to ensure you have mastered these techniques ready for your role as a professional receptionist.

Module 5 - Managing Behaviours

Managing behaviours when on reception consists of when you are faced with various characteristics of the caller. A professional receptionist comes across many different personalities. Having the professional tools to disarm a potential dispute or troubleshoot a problem, whilst maintaining your composure, will be noticed by all around you.  This skill plays an important role in the profession.

Module 6 - Handling a Reception Interview

In order to help you secure work in this field, we will support you with how to prepare and conduct yourself in a reception interview. We examine the questions you may be asked in your interview providing appropriate answers and offering questions you could ask in return. Practice makes perfect and after this module you will have the confidence and self-belief to apply for the job opportunities you desire.