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Our corporate arm works alongside companies of all sizes to support them with empowering staff to perform at optimum level.  We coach and mentor reception and customer service staff to understand your company ethos and to identify with your company’s mission, values and corporate message whilst delivering a first-class and unforgettable customer service experience.

DURATION:                         3 Day Course 
TIME:                                   10:00am to 2:00pm
LEARNING OUTCOME:     To deliver the following learning objectives:

Day One

  •  Creating an indelible first impression
  •  Understanding corporate ethos and values
  •  Defining your role and responsibilities
  •  Building instant rapport on the phone and face to face
  •  Speech and Expression
  •  Voice Inflection – Pitch and Tone, Clarity and Breathing Techniques
  •  Elocution – Speaking with excellence from AM to PM
  •  Etiquette and Attitude

Day Two

  •  Becoming the exceptional communication professional
  •  Answering the telephone and prioritising a busy switchboard
  •  Greeting customers, clients and VIPs
  •  Handling pressure moments with grace and dignity
  •  Multi-task the reception area effectively
  •  Handling a busy switchboard
  •  Controlling the conversation – Effective listening
  •  Body Language and Eye Contact – Developing trust quickly

Day Three

  •  Health and Safety in the reception area
  •  Customer Service and how to manage challenging behaviours
  •  Managing reception and prioritising a busy day
  •  The Golden Rules of Disclosure covering confidentiality
  •  Positive and persuasive business language
  •  Recovering challenging situations
  •  Role Play – Telephone and face to face 
  •  Polish – Poise – Professionalism

Who should attend this course:

All staff based on reception or customer services should attend. The course is designed to ensure staff are equipped with industry led best-practice techniques. As well as further enhancing their skills and knowledge, we will ensure that mind-set, attitude and grammar is instilled so your team will return polished, poised and professional.

* Please note corporate training has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

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