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“A-ha!!” – My definitive light bulb moment

29 November 2021    |    Reception, Training

Years ago when I worked in recruitment, a client called most upset at a receptionist that was placed by our agency. They were not impressed by their lack of finesse, confidence and their ability to handle pressure situations. This got me thinking…a lot! Although this young lady was an experienced receptionist, she was not a right fit for the client. 

Within weeks The Miss Reception Training Academy was born! Sometimes through the greatest mistakes are born the greatest triumphs. We trained hundreds of people in the art of becoming professionally trained receptionists. The LRA was born shortly after as corporate clients also showed a need for trained receptionists to grace their front of house. 

It was a valuable lesson learned that training, investment, care and patience can literally make an individual go from being great to outstanding. 

“The first asset you should invest in is yourself.” – Orrin Woodward

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