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CV Writing – Choose your words carefully!

15 March 2022

Most of you will be familiar with the expression “Computer says no!” This begs the question, is your C.V. A.I.-Ready?

Much has changed in the world of recruitment. When I started out in the industry many years ago, I would painstakingly spend hours screening a C.V. ensuring it was the right match for my client’s job vacancy.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and algorithms do the donkey work for the recruiter or employer. Unfair? Maybe. Accurate? Not always, but you do need to learn a way to effectively beat the system.

Making use of an online C.V. checker is crucial to ensure you are over 95% accurate in matching content, layout and presentation. Once you have achieved this, you have increased your chances of progressing to the next stage. You may need to go through several tech-based selections before you even get to liaise with a human-being!

Do your research, fine-tune your C.V., and take advantage of free apps, like Grammarly, to double-check for errors. Remember, the A.I. is searching for the right words so it is vital to be mindful of choosing your words carefully!

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