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Are you in love with your voice?

11 April 2021   |   Confidence, Customer Service, Personal Development, Reception, Training

As reception and customer service trainers, we have seen, time and again, people struggle to fall in love with their own voice. We love hearing the different tones, styles, textures and accents that we have had the pleasure to meet and teach, but it always comes back to the same point; when people hear themselves back, they recoil! Why is this? 

Professionals in our industry require to, not necessarily ‘be in love’ with their voice, but at least have an appreciation for it. When it comes to recording a tannoy announcement, a corporate answer phone message or even a personal voicemail, the power of your voice is of the utmost importance.

Clear and concise diction matters, and it is important how one appears to others. As trainers it took us years to appreciate and embrace our own voices, especially as they are continuously on show. There are so many techniques that can be used to improve the richness and texture of your voice. Practice does make perfect and you will come to value the sound of your personal voice box. Listen to a recorded voicemail message, play it back, critique it and improve. Be patient as it takes time!

Remember what you say and how you say it matters. It starts with confidence, practice, practice and, oh yes, practice! 

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