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Do you have the confidence to light up a room?

22 March 2021   |   Confidence, Personal Development 

We cover confidence in depth on our professional receptionist course at the LRA. The ability to radiate 1000 watts can often be the difference between you and the competition. When it comes to standing out on your CV, standing out at an interview or standing out in general, what are the attributes that make you unique?

1. What is the first thing people notice about you when seeing you for the first time?

2. What impression do you leave with people once they have met you?

3. Do you radiate with confidence, positivity and energy?

The ability to stand out is vital if confidence is something that is important to you?

Competition is fierce for jobs and opportunities more so than at any other time. The career path you choose needs to stand out to you, but when applying for the next step in your career YOU must also stand out as someone who is dynamic, progressive and ready. The CV you present to show your skills and experience MUST stand out. The application form you complete MUST stand out. The cover letter you produce MUST stand out. Finally, the interview you deliver MUST stand out. So take a moment and ask yourself…..Are you ready to STAND OUT?

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