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Does your career excite you?

26 October 2021    |    Confidence, CV, Personal Development

When I worked as a recruitment consultant, I would frequently view CVs that had very little to do with the job being advertised. Therefore, I used to take a more holistic approach towards the candidate. I would engage them in a light and friendly chat and it would often transpire that their dream job was maybe in the theatre, working with animals or working in travel abroad!

So why go for a job you don’t want? There are dozens of reasons but the common ones are paying for the rent, bills, debts etc. or simply feeding the kids! Making money from your passion may not always bring you the higher salaries but, goodness me, you will be happy! If you start looking for happiness, you will probably never find it because ‘happiness’ is a state of mind and where you are right now.

Write down your 10 dream jobs you would love to do. Plan what steps you need to take in order to get there? Execute the plan! My true passion was always coaching, teaching, recruitment and mentoring. Today it gives me immense pleasure to see others get to where they want to be. 

Take a day off from your current job to think about whether your current role aligns with your values? Well, does it? Or are you there because of the aforementioned reasons? It takes a brave person to exit their comfort zone and walk away from what feels safe and secure but, believe me, when you do, the walk is a little lighter, you will float a little higher and people will start to notice. 

It may be the best decision you’ll ever make!

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