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Hello, how are you? No, really…how ARE you?

6 August 2021   |   Confidence, Personal Development

People very rarely ask twice, but if we really care about someone’s mental health, it’s important that we do. I was an atypical receptionist as I would engage with my clients showing that I also cared. Some were clients I spoke with daily and getting to know them was wonderful and made the day superior. Often, they would ask to speak with me as they felt comfortable and well-received. It was my pleasure to provide a professional service but also to deliver an exceptional experience. 

In reception it is inappropriate to chit-chat as, ultimately, you are there to answer the call, but it is important to let your personality shine through. After all you are the first impression so the one you give will stay with the customer. There is nothing wrong with being warm, engaging, and open when building rapport with clients. Sometimes it can be a welcome reprieve.

Are you naturally warm and engaging or are you quiet and reserved? Whatever your personality, reception is a great place to build those skills. I have met all kinds of incredible and interesting people who, for the most part, were a pleasure to deal with and serve.

So, remember to stop and ask someone twice “How are you?” Show them you care. You will find people will respond to you honestly and that is always a great place to start.

See whose life you can touch today!

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