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Reaching a milestone and growing…

30 September 2021   |   Confidence, Personal Development, Reception

It is so wonderful to see how many new students have signed up for our online course. Thank you!

It’s great to know we can still reach many people globally with the same excellence in reception training. Our course is easy to follow and there are some great modules that cover how to become more articulate, confident and how to use your voice as a tool to gain the best outcome when dealing with callers over the phone and face to face.

Our 4.8* rating is a testament that you don’t always need a classroom environment to deliver a first-class training programme and enable students to grow, learn and put into practice all that they have learned.

We love hearing about the interview success stories and the little gems and techniques our students have used during an interview. Students have told us that they felt more confident and enjoyed learning how to change their mindset when preparing for a reception interview. From impressing at a telephone interview to dealing with a video meeting, the skills required are vital and often need refining.

Interviews are a mindset and the competition for reception roles is strong. You can get ahead of the competition by being organised, prepared, and ready to leave an indelible impression.

The power is yours to win or lose at an interview so putting the time in and doing one thing that makes you stand out will pay dividends and, ultimately, land you the role. 

May you have great success and remember to go for interviews you are ‘not’ interested in because, ultimately,  practice makes perfect. When the right job comes along, you will be confident, collected and will calmly present yourself as the perfect candidate.

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