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The Perfect CV

29 July 2021   |   CV, Personal Development

Time and time again candidates are sometimes surprised that their CV was constantly rejected for reception positions. A simple skim through the pages would always reveal why.  Unfortunately, a recruiter does not have the time to read hundreds of words. Your experience should jump off the first page in clear and concise detail in under eight seconds. Competition is fierce in grabbing their attention.

We once had a wonderful chap looking for a corporate receptionist position. There was an issue where his last position on his CV was working for a famous bakery. The recruiters were not interested as he was going for positions that required experience, first and foremost.

We suggested he read the job description word for word as clearly none of the positions he was applying for were going to be right for him. In most cases, a recruiter is looking for a certain something and are assessing whether your last job provides the transferable skills required for the position they are seeking to fill.

Does your current CV do you justice? Can you honestly say the positions you are going for match the current role you are engaged in? Were you doing similar work 10 years ago?

It’s an interesting topic and one we love to support you with at The LRA. Give your CV to at least five people to read and ask them to check and double-check for spellings, grammar, dates, content, layout, style, font and references etc.

A final wish from us…Good Luck!

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