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The power is in your hands!

6 February 2021   |   Personal Development, Training

You have it within you to become anything……it just takes some application and investment.

What an incredible start to January!  It was inspiring to teach students from Italy, United Arab Emirates, Greece and Austria.  Learning the skills required to become accomplished as a trained receptionist is a work in progress.  The feedback was truly incredible and it was a pleasure to support our global students as online training takes another successful step towards ensuring people can access good quality content with the click of a mouse across multiple time zones.

We are now busy preparing for our virtual courses which will commence shortly as we have missed the face-to-face interaction that we usually get from the classroom.  It will be exciting to get back to what we know and do best.  It was interesting to see more virtual reception jobs being advertised as companies still need their phones answered and their businesses to continue.  

We feel proud to be a part of the training process.  One student enjoyed the energy of the training and could see the benefits of where these skills could lead to a rewarding career.  We’re ready for the journey and hope you will join us.

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